Apr 23, 2014
Apr 23, 2014



As someone who believes that non-human animals have the exact same right to life as a human being, listening to someone talk about hunting and killing an innocent animal for sport brings forth the same emotional reaction as if you were bragging about shooting and killing innocent people for sport. 

Please reconsider this.

In my eyes hunting is murder

In the absence of Natural predators it falls upon man to regulate the population of prey animals. In most (if not all) states with hunting the populations are monitored and permits and/or season length limited to control them. Culling has to be done for the health of the animal population in question as well as many others that share its habitat. States not only save money by allowing hunters to do it but often generate income off of the permits, money that is spent largely on conservation. Also many hunters eat the meat from their kills, while communities that employ professional culling (such as deer island Maine) have found that not only can they not sell the meat but cannot even legally donate it to homeless shelters.

Apr 23, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
Apr 23, 2014

Soo Sunny Park (b. Seoul, Korea) - Unwoven Light at Rice University’s Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. Composed of 37 individual sculptural units, the installation uses iridescent plexi-glass embedded in pieces of a chain link fence to cast shimmering, colorful reflections across the spacious gallery. 

(Source: Flickr / walleyfilms, via showslow)

Apr 23, 2014
Apr 23, 2014











I found this extremely trippy, weird supposedly psychological test, where they ask you to tie together these shapes and give them characteristics. 

I just posted a few questions up. As you can see it’s really, really odd and slightly creepy.

At the end of the test they gave you a personality description based on your choices.

Try it for yourself here

Masterpost of creepy websites

the fuck, took this test and its scary accurate like they ask the dumbest questions it makes no sense.

some messages I got.

I did this test and got a diagnosis; I was like yeah, yeah, this could be about anybody. Right until the end, then it hit home like a dagger in the back.

If you have photosensitive epilepsy, you shouldn’t go on this site because the entire test is fuzzy, subtly moving, hypnotizing animation.



It shouldn’t know so much about you from a bunch of fUZZY shAPES but iT dOES. No, it is scarily accurate, and just confirms my thoughts that I do not know nearly enough about pre- and sub-lingual brain functions.

This is so awesome.

Ok this didn’t work at all. :\


Hey original poster of this post here to tell you an important thing. As you can see from the above comments, some people had pretty radical results. Either it fit you completely or it didn’t make sense. 

The personality descriptions are RANDOMLY GENERATED. This test goes to highlight how sometimes we try pretty hard to mold personality descriptions to fit us. This is why even some legit psychology tests are considered unreliable. 

(via 4466chakra)

Apr 22, 2014
Apr 22, 2014
Apr 22, 2014
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